Business Consulting for Biotechnology Startups

1.  For a Successful IPO

1)   From research to business

University-level research often forms the seed of biotechnology startups. Turning laboratory results into a marketable product however is the key to a successful business venture. Some types of research projects are simply not suitable for IPOs, and it is important to understand the market value of your technology before you start. Expert insight from someone who understands both technology and IPOs can help you assess the viability and accelerate the development of your startup.

2)   Planning for speed

Time is of the essence for biotechnology startups. Technology is always at the risk of being outdated and replaced, and it is not unusual for good technology to fail to become the industry norm because the startup could not bring the product to market in time. We can help your team set a realistic timeline, plan ahead for development delays, and focus the team on the clear goal of bringing the product to market as quickly as possible.

3)   Team building

With limited resources, hiring should be done with utmost care. In a small team, the wrong hire can have disastrous effects. Management is also often in need of support, given the stressful nature of startup environments.

4)   Finding the right CFO

A CFO can make or break the IPO. Successful IPOs always have a good CFO in place. Suitability for the role can be difficult to judge from a resume, and obtaining good quality advice from an expert can be very important.

2.  Support and Services for Biotechnology startups

1)   Business Planning and Capital Strategies

Self-education is not always the best approach for biotechnology startups. Most books in circulation in Japan focus on IT startups and business models that can generate revenue in a short period of time. However, biotech has a different dynamic, requiring a longer time-frame for product development. There is also a lack of good quality advice on capital strategy for IPOs.
We take the time and effort to understand your philosophy, and provide expert assistance on business planning and capital strategy.

2)   IPO Consulting

We provide consulting services on how to construct a robust accounting framework and advise on other issues unique to biotechnology ventures.

3.   Fee Policy

1)   Hourly Charge

To ensure our quality advice is affordable and accessible to startups, we will charge by the hour instead of on a daily basis.

2)   Actual cost estimate for any travel expenses and accommodation will be provided upfront in the quote.



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